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What you missed at the 2023 Seminars

Main Seminar Room

In 2023 we presented three very special talks.

From Leon Theremin to Bob Moog

We are privileged to present a talk by Lydia Kavina who was taught by Leon Theremin himself and represents a living connection back to the inventor. Lydia will demonstrate the T-vox and Claravox instruments and then be joined by Roy Palmer who will demonstrate the Moog Theremini with its library of sounds and MIDI control.

The talk will end with a prize draw w
hen one lucky member of the audience will win a Moog Theremini. Be there to get a prize draw ticket!


From DX7 to MODX+ - 40 Years of FM Synthesis

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Yamaha DX7, Sound On Sound podcaster and music technology journalist, Rob Puricelli, will reflect on the history and legacy of this game-changing instrument.


Rob will be joined by celebrated FM programmer from America, Dr. Manny Fernandez, who will demonstrate the impact of FM synthesis and how it has been implemented over the last four decades using a range of classic and modern FM synthesizers on stage.

MIDI Innovation Award Winners

In this two-part presentation The MIDI Association fly in from the USA to showcase some of this year's MIDI Innovation Award Winners. Expect to see some interesting, weird and highly innovative hardware and software instruments at the cutting-edge of music technology.


In part two, members of the MIDI Association will be talking about 40 years of MIDI and what's new in MIDI 2.0.At the time of writing voting is still in progress and the winners will be announced in September.

2022 Seminars

We reserve the right to cancel or change the programme of talks, demos and performances at short notice.

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