2022 Seminar & Demo Programme

Fantastic talks & demos included in your ticket price.

Main Seminar Room - Bar Stage - Lower Floor Stage

Please note a queuing system will operate for each talk held in the Main Seminar room. The Bar and Lower Floor Stage demos operate on a first come basis.


Main Seminar Room

Synth Guru - Paul Wiffen

Talk starts at 12:00 Noon

It started with Vangelis... 40 years of Sound Design

Synth programmer and performer Paul Wiffen traces his parallel career in sound design for some of the world's leading artists and his work with major synth manufacturers.

Paul will be on stage with his synths and an RGB Laser Harp to help him deconstruct some of his most famous sounds for JMJ and Stevie Wonder. And, he'll be showing video clips from films he's worked on.

His career started off with Vangelis programming the iconic Yamaha CS80 sound for Blade Runner followed by further work on The Bounty, 1492 Conquest Of Paradise and Alexander film soundtracks).
He's also worked with Ultravox, Geoff Downes, Emerson, Lake & Powell, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Peter Gabriel and with Jean-Michel Jarre at Docklands concert with the famous Laser Harp and other albums.

His work for synth manufacturers and software houses includes:
OSC (OSCar factory presets), Elka (Synthex presets), Sequential (Prophets T8 & 2000/2002), Emu (Emulator II), Oberheim (Matrix 12, DPX-1), Yamaha R&D Centre (TX16W, SY99, SY22), Korg (T1, T2, Prophecy, Z1), Apple (OSX Roadshow tour of Europe), Emagic sampler (EXS 24), Xils Labs (Synthix) and Martinic (GEM Panther & Arturia modules)

After the talk Paul Wiffen will relocate to the main exhibition hall where you'll have a chance to talk to him and experience the Laser Harp.

Wiff laser harp.png

50 Years Of The E-Mu Modular

Starts time TBA.


To celebrate the 50th birthday of the E-Mu Modular at SynthFest UK 2022 Tony Wride of Exclusively Analogue will be taking people back to the beginning in 1972 and describing what makes the E-Mu Modular so desirable. He'll talk about his personal journey from when he discovered a system in a secondhand shop and how this inspired him to befriend Dave Rossum, E-Mu founder and synth designer.
Tony then went on to establish his own company Exclusively Analogue to manufacture his version of the modular named The Pioneer and service some of the rare surviving originals.

Today this pioneering modular synth is largely unknown though numerous famous musicians have used, or indeed are still using, the E-Mu Modular to great effect.

After the talk Tony Wride will relocate to the main hall where you'll have a chance to talk to him on the Exclusively Analogue exhibition stand.

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Details about other talks will be added soon.