Antonus 2600


An all discreet, through hole construction, semi modular analogue synthesizer that accurately replicates the sound, feel and nuances of the iconic Grey Faced ARP 2600, with paraphonic play modes and more.

GRP Synthesizer A4


The GRP Synthesizer A4 is an analogue synthesizer that is beautifully handcrafted in Italy, combining gorgeous workmanship with an insanely deep and powerful synthesis architecture.

Moog Model 10


One of Moog's iconic Legacy Modular re-issue systems, housed in a portable tolex case with old school 901a oscillators, hand assembled using NOS components on silk screened PCB's

Moog 16 Band Vocoder


A faithful recreation of one of Dr Bob's lesser praised synthesis masterpieces his 16 band Vocoder. A hand built discreet analogue Vocoder that's uncompromising design is truly something to behold.

Buchla 208c Module


A brand new take on an iconic synthesizer. The 208c adds a wealth of new functionality to the legendary 208 architecture, with more CV I/o, enhanced MIDI capabilities plus it'll fit into a standard 200e system chassis.

Sequential Prophet 5 Keyboard


The Sequential Prophet 5, a true legendary iconic piece of music history, the world's first programmable polyphonic analogue synthesizer, reissued for 2020 after being absent from the market for almost thirty five years.