Behringer RD-6 Drum Machine, Yellow

behringer RD6 Drum sq.jpg

Key Features

  • 606-style drum machine with true analog circuitry

  • Eight classic drum sounds including an iconic clap

  • 64-step sequencer and 32 separate patterns

  • Built-in distortion effect adds edge to your sounds

  • MIDI and USB connectivity and outputs for each drum sound

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Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Synthesizer Kit

Korg NU.jpg

Key Features

  • Do-it-yourself mini digital synthesizer kit

  • Digital oscillator with saw, triangle, square and VPM waveforms

  • Analog modeled multimode filter

  • Onboard envelope generator and arpeggiator

  • MIDI input, Sync I/O, audio input and USB port

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Arturia MICROFREAK Paraphonic Hybrid 

Arturia microfreakv3.jpg

Key Features

  • Multimode digital synthesizer

  • Powerful SEM filtering for perfecting your sound design

  • PCB keyboard offers full expression 

  • Loads of different synthesizer modes from the powerful engine

  • Perfect for beginners but deep enough for veterans

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Teenage Engineering PO Modular 400


Key Features

  • Top of the line portable modular synthesizer

  • Warm, natural analog sound

  • Speaker box, power pack and carrying handle for easy transport

  • Complete with chassis, 14 modules, 15 patch cables

  • All parts included to build yourself

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Erica Synths Bassline DB-01


Key Features

  • Compact synthesizer with aggressive LP/BP filter design

  • One knob overdrive for more destructive sound

  • Transistor based sub-oscillator

  • Independent amplitude, filter cutoff and pitch envelopes

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Korg Wavestate Sequencing Synthesizer

korg wavestate.jpg

Key Features

  • The new generation - Wave Sequencing 2.0

  • Vast sample library with gigabytes of content

  • Built-in modelled filters and studio-grade effects

  • 64 stereo voices and four layers with Vector control

  • Compact, sleek design with 37 full-sized keys

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Haynes Electro Synth Kit


Key Features

  • DIY Vintage-Synthesizer Kit

  • Inspired By The Sound Of The 80s

  • Tremelo & Envelope Modulation Effects

  • Quick & Assembly (Requires Soldering)

  • Pre-Assembled Circuit Board

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Squarp Instruments Rample Waves System


Key Features

  • Four-voice sample player and audio processor

  • Create multi-layered loops, sample and remix audio

  • High-quality onboard effects for adding texture to your sounds

  • Advanced CV/MIDI connectivity for seamless integration with other modules

  • Complete with microSD card with pre-loaded kits from renowned artists

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Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE, Case, Cellz, Chipz and Cables


Key Features

  • Includes Eurorack case, Chipz and Cellz modules and patch cables

  • Chiptune inspired Eurorack synth module

  • Programmable CV touchpad and sequencer module

  • Three various-sized patch cables

  • A full Eurorack system with space for more modules

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Erica Synths Pico System III

erica pico.jpg

Key Features

  • Hardware synth with a streamlined modular workflow

  • Contains a selection of Erica Synths' legendary Pico modules 

  • Solid state unit can be used on its own or with other modular gear

  • Voice cards provide preset patches and DIY cards allow you to load your own

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